Not your typical Pregnant Blog.


All I keep hearing is “I LOVE Pregnancy”!!! Really? REALLY? What do you love? The not being able to eat sushi, have a deli sandwich or not taking part in National Wine day or Cinco de drinko?? The one thing I’m enjoying is not getting my period. Except I still feel bloated and I have […]

People bother me.


So what’s an Annoyed Optimist Ro? Well let’s see. It’s someone who loves life but just hates people. A person who lets little shit get to them, i.e when someone in a car can just pull forward to go out of the parking lot but they back up instead and go around the long way. […]

Ro’s Restaurant Rants!!

ro at work

Well I’ve finally decided to just put my weekly annoyance and the fact that I say “Really?!” every day up on the internet…so here it is…   If you agree with me and want to request a rant e-mail me Rant ya later! (get it!?…cricket) Ro Ps-I didn’t shoot anyone so don’t worry

Give a Butt Foundation


Hey everyone! We’re starting a cause for a very important Issue that hasn’t been addressed yet..there is a lack of butt in this town… Girls everywhere are butt-less and there’s a lot of danger in that..falling can be a hazard without a cushion..pants and jeans sag, leaving them vulnerable to be grabbed and “pantsed” and […]