Feed America Everyone!!

lovitz girls

The lovely Rebecca Blount, Jackie Fabulous and I did a promo with the hilarious Bruce Baum! This was filmed last year but you can always donate to Feed America…it’s a great cause and $5 dollars goes a long way…if you give to the world the world will give to you!! http://www.theouternet.com/nuts/videos/id_517/   Love, Ro

The DelleGrazie Sisters!!


Check out The DelleGrazie Sisters in action everyone! We have opinions!!! And my sister and I differ in them:)     Thanks for checking it out!! Love, Ro

Check Out The Cinderelli’s!!


I wanted to post a film I was in that was a lot of fun:) Check it out and tell me what you think:) We were at The LA Comedy Shorts ’09 with it! Here’s the link!   Enjoy! Ps….Cinderelli is played by my real sister Maria…lil’ fact:)

Welcome to my Website!!


Helllloooooooooo everyone! Thanks for checking out my new website! Yes this is the comedian formerly known as BigAssRo (or as one of my customers called me LardAss! It’s bigass lady!) but that’s a story for another blog… You can check out my stand up, hit me up with any questions you’re dying to know or […]