Give a Butt Foundation

Give a Butt Foundation

Hey everyone! We’re starting a cause for a very important Issue that hasn’t been addressed yet..there is a lack of butt in this town…

Girls everywhere are butt-less and there’s a lot of danger in that..falling can be a hazard without a cushion..pants and jeans sag, leaving them vulnerable to be grabbed and “pantsed” and the what’s worst part is they’ll never be able to twerk to their full potential..


Don’t let this keep happening! Donate to our cause “Give a Butt Foundation”~ No Tiny Hiny Left Behind!

Bumper stickers are $3 or 2 for $5…

Part of the proceeds go to buying red velvet cupcakes and handing them out to the girls that are walking around Hollywood on very high heels..

“Wear Some Pants” Foundation is in the works to help those girls as well…

Thank you,

Ro DelleGrazie

CEO of Give A Butt Foundation