People bother me.

People bother me.

So what’s an Annoyed Optimist Ro? Well let’s see. It’s someone who loves life but just hates people. A person who lets little shit get to them, i.e when someone in a car can just pull forward to go out of the parking lot but they back up instead and go around the long way. Why?!?!

You may be thinking “Why do you let that get to you”? I don’t know, it just does. Because that ridiculousness rolls over to other things, those are the people who are staring at the choices of cereal but keep their cart in the MIDDLE of the aisle. Stop. Just don’t.

I am also assuming (cause I can) they are the same people that leave dog poop on the grass or even worse on the apartments new drought tolerant pebbles. Wow.

If I were to follow their individual journeys I can imagine they post pics of every meal, text while crossing streets and take way to many selfies. They for sure own a selfie stick.

These are just small examples of why I’m annoyed. I also believe there is good in people and I tend to get a little vigilante-like when I see people being treated badly in public. This blog isn’t about how I do it perfect either. It’s just an outlet to be annoyed. Sometimes you just have to be bothered. So welcome. Oh and if I can I’ll try and post a lot of cat pics.. but I promise they’re selfies taken by my cats