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• Mon Apr. 1st 6pm-9pm
• Mon Apr. 8th 6pm-9pm
• Mon Apr. 15th 6pm-9pm
• Mon Apr. 22nd 6pm-9pm

4 week course Fee: $350.00

A new class taught by Ro DelleGrazie,  check out what you will learn and then there’s a lil’ twist..

Real World Comedy!

Get Down, Get Dirty, Get Funny!

A class that teaches you to grab Comedy by the balls!

Ro DelleGrazie has been a comedian since 1999 and has been coaching privately for the last 2 years. Are  you feeling like you’re not sure how to punch up your jokes, want to learn how to “cut the fat” from a story or just need some direction in the crazy world of comedy?

At the start of Ro’s career she was coached by Lisa Lampanelli. For 6 years Ro was opening for Lisa up and down the East Coast, not only learning how to do comedy (in some of the rowdiest bars in the country) but also learning the tools you need to be a successful comedian.

Objective: to hone stand up performing and writing skills
Target student: All levels
Instructor: Ro DelleGrazie
Materials/books: Bring paper, pen, any existing material, and a recording device either video or audio

Course description
Here are some of the things you’ll gain from studying with Ro
How to construct a joke that isn’t flowing right
Generating new ideas
Cutting the fat from some material
Where can I find stage time? (Nothing like a NY’er to show you about hustle!)
The tools of comedy
To merchandise or not to merchandise plus head shots and business cards
How to find another level of my comedy voice and hone that character
Dealing with hecklers and being in the moment

Secure your spot soon! Classes are filling up! Don’t let another day of your career pass you by without this valuable information!
Four week session
Week 1
Introductions/establishing goals
-Instructor introductions/student introductions where they’re at and what they’re looking to accomplish
-joke doctoring
-how to receive and give critiques
Exercise-performance time and feedback
Week 2
What gets you going?
-point of view
-let’s get personal!
-personalize your show
-being in the moment
-vulnerability and talking about something topical and why it’s special to you
Exercise- telling stories/material that you’ve feared
Performance time and feedback

Week 3
Set up my set list!
-scripting a set
-prepare set list when you have longer or shorter spots 5, 7, 15, 20 and 30+ all the way to OH MY GOD!
-you don’t want to mess with your 7 minute set? Get over it!
-when to extend, when to cut

You’ve got your jokes now trust your instinct!
-heckling…”Excuse me sir my mother is a what?”
-acknowledging your situations in the moment/learning not to ignore your environment
-adapt to any show situation and practicing crowd work
Exercise-performance time with heckling and real life situations and feedback
Exercise-Ro explains the Comic Strip Live test!

Week 4
Run of your show
-dress rehearsal
-how to promote your show
-slowing it down/not being afraid of the quiet

-tools, business cards, head shots and merchandising
-keep the momentum going/where do I get up?
-keep shining! You’re a rock star!

Exercise-performance set
Exercise-setting new goals and action plan of where to go and how many times a week (yes you can go up 6-7 times a week in LA and outside as well!)

Now for the twist…as a student of  you Ro’s you will be performing at a regular comedy club which will be announced during the class as well as one of the rowdiest bars on the comedy scene, Liam’s out in Colton. Liam’s will allow you the true comedy experience that will show you that you are able to perform anywhere! Dates will be announced during the 4 week session.

What are you waiting for?!

Class Deposit