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Have a cup of coffee with Buttasnatch!

If you haven't gotten your Buttasnatch mug what are you waiting for?!?! E-mail Ro at Rodellegrazie@yahoo.com to get yours now! Only $10 … [Read More...]


OMG! Kim Kardashian did standup?!!??

It's true!! Here's the link!   https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=Kns2yRFfcH4   I think she has potential!   … [Read More...]

saps podcast

Silly Ass Podcast is Every Sunday!!!

You can catch us live here www.jlcn.tv/sillyasspodcast Watch past episodes and watch us live every Sunday at 6pm!! Get ya Silly on!!!! xoxox Ro … [Read More...]

ro at work

Ro’s Restaurant Rants!!

Well I've finally decided to just put my weekly annoyance and the fact that I say "Really?!" every day up on the internet...so here it … [Read More...]


Give a Butt Foundation

Hey everyone! We're starting a cause for a very important Issue that hasn't been addressed yet..there is a lack of butt in this town... Girls everywhere are butt-less and there's a lot … [Read More...]


Going Back To SLOOOOO!!!

That's right peeps!! I'm going back to San Luis Obispo!!! I'll have the details soon but I'm really excited to go back to one of my favorite towns...and I'm determined to hike that dam … [Read More...]


Buona Sera News!

Hey everyone! I'm a part of a new webisode coming at ya! Buona Sera News, I'm the Ma!  I have a restaurant and 4 crazy kids! Here's a … [Read More...]


Joke theft?! What do I know about it?!

Here's an article in Torque Magazine about Joke theft! I have a funny story about Jay Leno in there...   http://torquemag.io/50-shades-of-online-joke-theft/ Wanna see the … [Read More...]